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stop giving me these damn llama badges. ):<
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  • Eating: baba ghannouj
  • Drinking: water (the one with gas)
wow, the last journal entry is way out of date! another sign that i have not been arting at all lately. sure, doodles in danish class and the odd snowman; but those don't really count. the other day i opened up my sketchbook and $100 fell out. i thought i lost that bill during our move (in OCTOBER), but apparently it was just keeping itself safe for a not-so-rainy day. yay, money!

NOW: i do have a job at a danish hospital (since august actually) and it pays well. it's awesome, but my work contract is only for 1 year and i have to find a new job doing pretty much the same thing or else i have to leave the country. i am taxed heavily so i get free healthcare. yay! i am learning the language somewhat but it's pretty ridiculous. i have a handful of great expat friends here now but i'm having a hard time fitting in with native danes. i miss my friends in california a LOT. i miss my family like nobody's business. i'm getting married in july. i started dumpster diving this month.

so... that's about it. (:
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  • Eating: lindt chili chocolate
  • Drinking: coffee with soya milk
welp... until the doctors in denmark get lazy, i'm still unemployed. what is it with them and wanting to perform their patients' echocardiograms? why don't you let a technician take on that tedious task for you? *bats eyelashes* anyhow copenhagen is still thoroughly rockin' and i've got an unpaid job doing blogwork for a danish record label.

i also have my own blog now so you can see what i am eating. P:
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  • Eating: 5-6 servings of fruit and vegetable
kinda. will be there from september 3 - december 3 to look for work and just get used to it i guess. if i'm not mistaken that's how long US citizens can hang out in the EU before getting the boot, right?

sooo... yeah. kinda scary.

oh and of course the last week will be filled with mad cake-baking and going away parties at my house. B)
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  • Drinking: red wine out of a coffee cup
since the last entry...

1. went to australia, new zealand, and new york
2. received a certificate in electrocardiography. just one more semester left!
3. got a vintage record player for xmas and started heading down the dark road to record collecting...

in more recent news, i finally updated my website. took out a lot of ugly shit, put in some slightly less ugly shit, corrected links, sacked the oekaki section and guestbook. hopefully i'll get to adding a photo section, although it will end up just linking to some unorganized folder. ]:

oh, and i might be moving to denmark by the end of the year.

most likely...

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  • Eating: asian pear
  • Drinking: enviga... yeah, dieting again.
leaving for scandinavia on january 17th. will be in copenhagen from 18-21 and then off to stockholm until the 29th. main point of this trip is to see all the lovely bands play at the mellotronen record label's 20th anniversary party!

morte macabre
emma nordenstam
flasket brinner
jojje wadenius
...a lot more!! <3
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traveling until 7/23. hopefully i bring back everything and a little bit more.

ps. i'll upload my childhood scrawls when i get back. B8<
i made the most incredible discovery today.

today my family was reorganizing the garage since construction is just about finished there, and i happened to uncover a stash of my old drawings and journals from elementary school. pretty sure i gave myself a hernia from laughing so hard at the journal entries. "my dad spanks me. i am sab." SAB?! he was also cross-eyed and angry in almost every drawing. i wonder what my teacher thought.

however, there were a couple interesting drawings i did. i might post them later. =_=

np: dungen - ta det lungt
i have to turn in 200 sketches on may 22nd; at least 3 drawings to a page.

so far i have 56.

: D
i'm in one of those "rut" things where i feel generally rotten and that i am not reaching my full potential anywhere, but especially in art. i left my big painting at school for the weekend because we are having a crit on our small series of 5 on tuesday, and i didn't want to have to drag all of that in. all i really want to do is work on that painting. ):

everything i churn out seems very... flat. LIKE MY CHEST-OHHHHH. self-burn!

should really practice more. a little ambient/downtempo music couldn't hurt the process.

okay, maybe a LOT of music. (8
since i've joined. and i never posted.

mainly because of slow load times and hearsay about deviantart's copyright policies. but i've become less egotistical and find no reason to be afraid of people stealing my rights to my artwork.

but yea. going to post mostly scraps here, as that is most of what i do.